How To Fix 6 Common Git Mistakes

Read Time: 3 minutes Git can be your best friend as a developer, but it can also be the source of quite a lot of errors in your workflow. Here I will show you how to fix 6 common Git mistakes. 1. You Misspelled the Last Commit Message You realize you just pushed a commit where you misspelled something […]

JavaScript Best Practices and Pro Tips

Read Time: 7 minutes Javascript is a programming language that people love to hate. A long time ago developers used to pride themselves on being backend developers because it was more challenging and complex. Javascript was just a toy for annoying people on websites, but it’s 2020, and today we have tools like the cloud, docker, and many 3rd […]

Use Git Efficiently: A Robust Git Workflow

Read Time: 3 minutes Git without a doubt is one of the essential tools for every developer. As helpful as Git is, it becomes absolutely useless without adopting best practices. This is why Git and its cool features have various basic workflows to make the most of it. Apart from knowing git add, git commit, and git push, there […]

What will be the best JavaScript framework in 2021

Read Time: 3 minutes Any individual who is beginning their profession as a developer or a software engineer is more likely to have a question, which language they have to learn first? If you are a developer I am sure must have had the same question. Since there are a large number of languages and frameworks its a little […]

Why you should start using Linux?

Read Time: 4 minutes It’s been a long time I am using Linux and It’s amazing, once you get a hold of it, its the best operating system you can find. But yeah its true a lot of people will always prefer Windows/Mac because of ease of use, easily understandable. But who told you Linux is hard to understand […]

5 Awesome tech communities for developers

Read Time: 3 minutes Have you ever struggled with a line of code and there is no one around to help you through it? I have been through some situations like this, every developer finds themselves in this situation. So where do they go? Google- The most popular search engine. Google is getting so much advanced and powerful that […]

Its 2:00 AM

Read Time: 2 minutes “Hello”, “Hi” would be too formal. “Toh kaise h aap log” would be too cliche. lets just start… So here I am Roopam Paradkar aka Inborn Developer. I am a Web Developer who loves clean, simple & unique design. Ever since I got my fingers on keyboard I have been designing websites. Developing creative websites […]